Trend Forecasting

Trend Publication

For my Fashion Insight and Innovation module we were asked to create and publish a trend publication on a topic we were interested in. I chose to research into a potential cashless society as I saw this as something which could happen in the near future. After my extensive research and analysis I was happy to have achieved a 1st in this project.

My thought process behind this brief was to create a publication which explored all outcomes of a cashless society. The first half of my publication explored all of the utopian ideals which would be the subject of a cashless society. This included safer transactions as well as easier currency exchange and less pollution. In the second half of my publication I explored the dystopic reality of a cashless society. Here I explained the potential of the older generation being left behind in society, as they struggle to get to grips with the latest technology. I also discussed the issue of homeless people who rely on cash. In the final section of my publication I considered what new inventions could come in the next 5-10 years, in light of a cashless society.

Throughout the publication, I used Adobe Photoshop to manipulate and collage imagery I had found online. I also used this to create the typography for my titles. I also used gifs, as moving imagery creates a more exciting and gripping publication.

Here are a few snippets of the publication, but you can access it all at

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