#swearnot2shop PR Campaign

This second year brief aimed to create behavioural change in our audience Gen Z surrounding conscious fashion consumption, through an inspirational concept delivered across a variety of outputs. I created a teaser poster for my campaign, a film encouraging a call to action, a 10 slide deck pitching my process and concept and finally campaign materials. I created an open letter and press release.

The key vision of my campaign is for Gen Z to take a picture of themselves sticking their finger up at lying fashion stores and uploading this to social media with the hashtag #swearnot2shop. The purpose of this is to force those brands to start telling the truth and join the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.



Click this link to watch my film –




END x Liam Hodges Live Brief

In my first year PR module I conducted a full PR and Social Analysis of the END. brand world, drawing on my understanding of fashion and client ambitions.

For this module I chose to follow the upcoming Liam Hodges x END. brand launch. We had to analyse the different social media content which had been published during the launch including Instagram stories/posts, emails and articles they had posted in the blog section of their website. During the module I learnt analysis techniques such as AIDA and PESO. We also had to analyse different brand stories, I chose to analyse singer, Mahalia. I felt this gave me a strong understanding of the brand processes when launching new products and collaborating with new designers.



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