Heroes Editorial

This is a digital story I created for my Editorial module this year. We focused on the topic of heroes and I chose to do mine on people who have experienced grief as I knew it was a ‘taboo’ topic and grief awareness week was around the date of my deadline. My work involved a combination of journalism, photography and some video editing.

I wanted to create a digital multimedia story which would cause people to stop and read, I knew it needed to be engaging and thought provoking. I included the hashtag #shareyourstory to make my article more interactive and personal. I interviewed four women who had experienced grief at some point in their lives and used these interviews to raise awareness and to show other people that they were not alone. I took images of the women in the style I felt fit well with their stories and I also created a video with Izzie, giving advice out to those who had also lost parents.

Oh Comely Magazine Spreads

For our Journalism and Layout module in first year we were asked to create a front cover and two double page spreads of a magazine. I chose to follow the style of ‘Oh Comely’ as I loved the inclusivity and playful aspect of the magazine.

Oh Comely is a unique magazine which explores many different types of people. I chose to interview my friend Megan who had interests in many things all the way from drag queens to politics. Her interview gave me a really good foundation to write a feature article in the Oh Comely style. I also photographed Megan around the city of Durham. I chose the most colourful image for my front cover as I felt this was whimsical and fit with Megan’s personality well. I used Adobe Photoshop and Indesign to create the whole layout for the magazine and front cover.

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