A Day in Durham

A year ago I visited the city of Durham to catch up with an old friend from school, and take pictures of her for a university project. I am recreating two double page spreads and a front cover of ‘Oh Comely’ magazine and I decided Megan was the perfect candidate for it. Megan is passionate… Continue reading A Day in Durham

A Week in NYC – Part 1

I visited the famous concrete jungle back in February whilst travel was still deemed ‘the norm’, who knew exploring new cities would become such a distant memory. This post is a collection of the highlights of my trip, places that are definitely worth mentioning and of course, all of my outfits. Anna Sui Exhibition –… Continue reading A Week in NYC – Part 1

Trip to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is somewhere I have been eager to visit for a long time, and finally being in Newcastle meant that it was only a short journey away, I visited with uni in October 2019.  The ‘Body Beautiful’ exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland was the perfect opportunity to explore Edinburgh, whilst also being able to… Continue reading Trip to Edinburgh

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