Gen Z – The Generation Demanding Brand Transparency

I am currently studying a PR module at university where we have to create a campaign surrounding sustainability in fashion. I chose to focus on the topic of transparency as it has come to light in past years that fashion brands aren’t always honest to their consumers. The idea of our campaigns is to createContinue reading “Gen Z – The Generation Demanding Brand Transparency”

Fast Fashion

With companies like PrettyLittleThing, NastyGal and Boohoo (all of which are owned by Boohoo) becoming bigger than ever, it’s no wonder that fast fashion is becoming an increasing concern among people who care about the environment. Recently, PrettyLittleThing clocked up a 228% rise in sales to £181.3m. Whilst this may be great for the company,Continue reading “Fast Fashion”

Heroes Photography Shoot – Gill & Silvana

I recently did a shoot with Gill & Silvana for my editorial module at university. The theme of the module is heroes, and I decided to focus on those who had lost parents. The aim of this shoot was to capture the narrative of Gill and Silvana as best friends. It was carried out onContinue reading “Heroes Photography Shoot – Gill & Silvana”

Heroes Photography Shoot – Izzie 2.0

This is the second shoot I did with my friend Izzie for my heroes editorial. I chose to focus this shoot on natural portraiture. I wanted to capture Izzie in an environment she felt comfortable in. The simplicity of the photos also allowed for more creative editing to be done. I chose to illustrate theseContinue reading “Heroes Photography Shoot – Izzie 2.0”